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Let’s do this challenge together!
It is 40 thousand kilometers for cystic fibrosis!

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                  Take part of Around the World for CF

                  Let’s take a ride Around the World together for cystic fibrosis awareness. The challenge happens until the end of November. Download the app to participate.


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                  Equipe de Fibra
                  Unidos pela Vida
                  Cystic Fibrosis
                  Equipe de Fibra

                  Equipe de Fibra

                  Equipe de Fibra is a project from Unidos pela Vida Institute which has as its main objective to encourage physical activities among people with cystic fibrosis. For that, we share information about the theme, share examples from athletes, promote events and participate in different national and international competitions.

                  Depoimento 1

                  It’s been 10 years of history and a lot of achievements. Today, we have many groups of Equipe de Fibra in different States of Brazil, and we hope that this movement continues growing and impacting many lives across the country.

                  Cristiano Silveira,
                  Equipe de Fibra Coordinator


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